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All You Wanted to Know About Dedicated Web Hosting

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Author: Bob Willis

This article highlights the features, advantages and disadvantages of dedicated web hosting and what should a customer look for when he decides to opt for a dedicated hosting package. So for beginners, it is important to understand what exactly is dedicated hosting. In dedicated hosting, the user gets access to all the resources of a server as the entire server and its resources are dedicated to the user's website. The user also gets control over which applications he/she requires on the server as well as create specific configurations for their website requirements.

The major disadvantage of a dedicated server is that it may not be very cost-effective due to relatively higher pricing structures as compared to shared hosting. Now since the hosting industry is becoming highly competitive, the price of dedicated hosting is rapidly declining. This in turn could affect the level of services offered by the hosting provider. So it is important for the user to ensure that the host offers quality dedicated services while offering affordable hosting solutions. The user or company should only opt for a dedicated hosting package if it justifies the website's levels of hosting requirements and weight the resources that may or may not be required from a dedicated hosting package.

The two major advantages of dedicated hosting account are control and reliability. A dedicated server tends to more secure as compared to a shared server since the administrator wield complete control over its various aspects and functionalities. It also delivers ample reliability primarily because the server administrator has the self-sufficiency to optimize page loads by adjusting variables such as page load speed and general server resource allocation. This benefit further translates into consistent superior performance and customer satisfaction.

With dedicated hosting, the user has the flexibility and control over the variables that determine the stability and reliability of the server. These variables could include server overload, malicious scripts and other installed applications. Furthermore, any kind of time delays in terms of repairs and other services can be considerably minimized with dedicated hosting. Other important benefits of a dedicated server include speedy delivery of web pages, flexibility of upgrading software and adding patches among others. Users would also experience quick page loading which further enhances the image of a company and increases the conversion of customers to buyers. Technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills are advisable for people who wish to opt for a dedicated hosting package.

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