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Aging in Place: Renovating Your Home For the Long Haul

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Author: Joe Cline

One of the nicest perks to being a home owner is to be able to fix your property to your tailor made specifications. Home renovation sounds like it could cost a fortune, and in some cases it does. However, today's savvy home owners have a myriad of resources to help them do a lot of the work themselves, saving thousands of dollars and keeping the price tag under budget.

Before hiring a professional contractor, be sure to check your renovation project for a do-it-yourself course that will walk you step by step through the process. Discount warehouses, such as Home Deport, are ideal for taking a quick class on tiling your bathroom or changing the sink fixtures. And the best part is that all your materials are at your fingertips inside the store. However, for electrical repair or renovation, be sure to have a licensed professional to do the work. The electrical system can cause a fire if wired improperly and should never be touched by a novice.

Your home is your castle and if you intend to remain in the property for many years, it might as well be fitted for your every need. Perhaps you would like a pool table to call your own, but do not have an extra room to contain it. The problem is easily solved by adding a sun room extension to your living room or kitchen. The sun room is cheap to install, comes with windows and locking doors, and functions like any other drywall room in the house. Expand your living space and create a new room for pennies on the dollar as compared to general construction costs.

Practical renovations for the long haul will generally include major repairs and perhaps a re-wiring of the electrical system. Home owners located in warmer climates may opt to replace their carpets with a permanent floor covering, thus freeing their future from costly re-carpeting and deep cleaning expenses. Tile and hard wood surfaces are the low maintenance favorites, and also make an excellent investment should you one day decide to sell the property.

If it is time to get started with your renovations, the timing is right to go green. Older homes may need some updating, and it is in your best interest to take advantage of the environmentally safe products that will cut your energy costs in the long haul. Be sure you choose energy efficient insulation, window panes and lighting fixtures to transform your home into a comfortable, yet economical living space. And if you opt for adding a room, there are plenty of choices for solar paneling, adding more sunlight with skylights, and careful planting of backyard trees to provide protection against heat in the summer months.

Renovating your home is fun, just be sure you have a solid game plan before you begin. Check the material and installation costs before tearing out the old components, and discipline yourself to adhere to a strict budget of so many investment dollars per year. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will be your dream home. However, with steady plodding and practical application, you will reach your goals on time.

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