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After a Breakup - Distance to Help Your Breakup Pain

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Author: Teecee Go

It's amazing the pain that one can feel after a recent breakup. No matter how much time has passed, the pain is still there. Just as with any pain, the time immediately following a breakup is going to be extremely difficult. You're going to have to pick up the pieces that are yourself and move away—figuratively—for a time until you can sort through your feelings. Your ex is also going to need that time.

Have you ever burned your hand? Breaking up is like burning yourself. It's tender and if you touch it too much, you're only going to irritate it. You're tempted to touch that skin that looks like plastic, but when you do, you only make it hurt worse. Take some time away from your ex so you're not able to irritate him. Any intentions you have of either moving on or getting back with your ex will be helped when you aren't in contact with him.

By doing this, you're increasing the chance to heal faster and you're decreasing the chance of seeming pushy or clingy. If you try to stay close to your ex, you're both going to be stressed and hurt because you won't be able to get over the initial pain of the breakup. Not to mention, it's very likely you'll create even more pain because bad memories will float around. This is the time you and your ex are going to see each other's weaknesses and everything during the time you were together that irritated you is going to stick out even more when you're this vulnerable.

Understandably it's not always possible to break off complete contact with your ex. Just be smart about how you appear around your ex. Are you staring at him across the room and making him feel uncomfortable? Just do the best you can in situations where you have to be in range of your ex.

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