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Affiliate Marketing Training Wealthy Affiliate University Review

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Author: David Cooney

If you are at all similar to me the making of a purchase online is like a military operation. I would like to discover all the data and acquiring the correct knowledge can sometimes be arduous to detect. The most dependable information for sure needs to come from someone who is employing the product or service. In the following Wealthy Affiliate University review I have outlined what marketing training is actually in wealthy affiliate and my experiences of using it.

What exactly is the Wealthy Affiliate University?

The Wealthy affiliate university is online affiliate training for producing competent and successful internet marketers. It was originated by 26 year old internet marketing millionaires Kyle & Carson in 2005 with the intention of teaching people to emulate how they accomplished their own personal success.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate University for?

I would say it is for anybody either starting out on the road of affiliate marketing or for those who have experience but are perhaps not doing as well as they might wish to mainly. In short wealthy affiliate is for anyone wishing to improve their internet marketing skills.

What is in it ?

The Forum

Unlike many forums it must be the most useful forum inside the entire domain of internet marketing. There are posts resolving all the problems you may experience. If you do not find the answer you are looking for you can post your query to a massive wealth of experience and if by some remote chance you still do not have the answer you want you can even post the owners Kyle and Carson. It really is an ace up the sleeve of W.A. and one you can not help but profit from.

The Share zone : In the share zone members are encouraged to contribute their knowledge. The knowledge here is more elaborate with downloadable e-books and video packed with essential useful information.

Site Rubix & Free Hosting

Site Rubix is a sophisticated easy to use web site builder and does not require any programming skills for you to build your own internet site. This comes free with wealthy affiliate plus free website hosting and full easy to understand tutorials .Therefore everything you require to get your affiliate sites up and running is here all in one place with no need to buy expensive add ons.

Rapid Writer

Rapid Writer is an article writing software with superb functionality incorporating key word count, total word count, Spell check Thesaurus and Key word research. Additionally the ability to create unique variants of your articles and you have access to a number of Private Label articles to use any way you wish.

My Linker

The my Linker section permits you to cloak, track and optimize all your affiliate links. I find this to be all important in tracking the click through rates of all my affiliate links.

The Key Word Research Tool

The Key word research tool is quick and detailed allowing you check out the Google volume and Google competition providing necessary information for your campaigns.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is structured into junior, intermediate and senior providing concise step by step instruction in an easy to interpret manner. The tutorials are compact and to the point without being overly long. Kyle and Carson have a skill of imparting the crucial information without the waffle. All aspects of internet marketing are addressed with vital secrets to success in article and pay per click marketing being divulged. The eight week action plan is an absolute must for any newbie supplying a structured framework to producing marketing ability.

The Research Centre

The Research centre contains many highly valuable tools including a competition spy tool that allows you to spy on your affiliate competitors with a view to copying their successful campaigns and avoiding their errors. The Clickbank research tool is digital gold allowing you to discover which products are selling and which are not. Allowing you to get ahead of competitors with new products to promote and vitally get a glance of product refund rates.

The Affiliate Program

As expected the affiliate program is excellent with a converting pre designed feeder websites for you to link to. However the greatest plus to this program is that the product fundamentally sells itself. When I conducted initial online research prior to joining wealthy affiliate I could not find anybody who had anything negative to say about it. That indicated to me that this was a program well worth looking into.


If you are going to spend you hard earned money you require as much information as possible. One aspect I have not mentioned is just how welcome you are made to feel when you join the wealthy affiliate community. There is also a feeling of a united goal for everyone inside the community to be successful. Perhaps this explains why the experienced members willingly communicate their hard earned knowledge everybody else in the community. This for me is what truly separates and distinguishes wealthy affiliate form any potential competitors. This is over delivering what you need and desire on a monumental scale. I hope this Wealthy Affiliate University review provides you with the information you require. I look forward to speaking to you in the community before long, to discover more about and get access to W.A. visit

About the author: In this wealthy affiliate university review I have outlined how WA contains all you need to develop a six figure income online. I would suggest you examine the validity of this statement for your self by visiting

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