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Affiliate Marketing Tips: 4 Proven Tips To Become A High-Earning Affiliate Marketer

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Author: Jeremy Gislason

If you are just starting to dip your toes in the waters of affiliate marketing, you may need to learn a number of tricks and secrets before you plunge in. You need to incorporate the proper tools and techniques to maximize your potential income.

The most common form of compensation in affiliate marketing is the pay-per-sale model. But there are also other ways of getting compensation as an affiliate. They include:

Pay-per-click - You get paid a share of the earnings when your referral clicks on an ad. An example of this is Google Adsense.

Pay-per-action - You get paid when someone you refer completes a survey, votes on a certain poll, downloads a particular item, or performs a specific action.

Pay-per-view - You get paid when your referral views or watches a certain video or presentation.

In the 3 models listed above, your referrals don't necessarily need to buy anything before you make any earnings; but the commissions are generally lower than the pay-per-sale model, which is the most common affiliate marketing protocol. With pay-per-sale, you get paid every time someone you refer actually buys the affiliate product.

This article focuses on the pay-per-sale format, but may also be applicable to the other models. Here are some affiliate marketing tips to help get you started and have you profiting for the long term.

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 1: Know The Rules And Terms Of The Affiliate Program.

In terms of advertising, it is important to note that certain affiliate programs carry their own sets of guidelines and limitations that need to be followed. Thus, it is best to orient yourself with the basic requirements of every affiliate setup you get into the moment you step in.

Be careful when joining affiliate networks. Not every affiliate network that claims to be established actually is. You should assess and evaluate any program to determine if its profitability truly holds weight and if it is credible. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you're aware of the benefits, the client and affiliate support, as well as mode and frequency of commission payments.

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 2: Build A Powerful Affiliate Site.

If you're wondering what type of affiliate website to create, one great recommendation is to build a review site where you share your experiences in the usage and application of the affiliate product being offered.

Take note that when reviewing affiliate products, it's a good idea to share any minor negative flaw you've seen in the product. You might think that revealing a negative aspect would discourage them from buying, but it's quite the opposite. When you share the imperfection in a product, your prospects' defenses go down and they can focus more on the positive features. This helps build your reputation of honesty and sense of authority in that niche.

Your affiliate site must also look clean, presentable, and easy-to-navigate. You need to strategically place eye-catching graphics and interesting details regarding the affiliate products that you offer to keep people interested.

Some will only check your website for a few seconds before they decide to either stay or move on to a competitor - so make sure that your site is catchy at first glance.

Clients should immediately find the item that they need upon browsing your site. Arrange everything carefully, and categorize as needed, to lead clients to where they want to be. You will end up with faster and easier sales transactions, if you make the process user-friendly and more convenient.

Always observe your competition. Model their style and offer, and come up with ways to improve your site and make it uniquely different from the rest.

If you want your site to grow in popularity, it must contain a lot of vital information regarding your chosen niche. You may write articles or tips frequently. Include facts and other relevant details that people can recheck every time they need to. But here's an important question: How do you know which content is hot and in-demand?

Well, you can hang around forums and online discussion boards to know the latest trends and innovations in your industry. Check out social bookmarking sites like Digg, and see what type of information is getting the most "Diggs." It is important that you watch over your website and make the necessary updates to keep up with the needs and demands of your target market.

Include an opt-in form on your site. This will allow you to build relationships and follow-up with prospects as many times as you like. Remember that you should strive to establish yourself as a good friend they can rely on, as well as a figure of authority who can give them expert advice regarding your field. Once you've got their trust and established your credibility, promoting various affiliate products is as easy as pie.

Set up a support helpdesk to answer queries from potential and current clients. This is very important because having someone personally assist them could eliminate much of their doubts when making transactions with you.

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 3: Plan And Set Up Well.

Set a gross estimate of how much traffic you expect during the first 3 months. Overestimating will lead to unnecessary spending, while underestimating will result to customer and income losses. Check the TOS agreement once you have selected the right type of account to avoid defaults and other possible penalties.

Set up a budget, schedule, and preparation plan that will serve as your guide in building your strategy to generate more sales. You should lay down small objectives and set deadlines to know how well you are progressing as an affiliate.

Assigning quotas is also important so that you stay ahead of the competition. If you find yourself in a predicament, this will help you refer back to your plans easier and make the necessary actions and adjustments.

Affiliate Marketing Tip # 4: Generate Targeted Traffic and Spark Interest.

You have to get the attention of your target market, so you can drive the right traffic into your website. Getting the right people to visit will keep you from wasting time and effort, because these will be the people who would want to buy the affiliate products you're referring. Gaining targeted traffic is more productive compared to getting thousands of visitors with varying interests.

You can draw more potential clients into your website by visiting forums related to your niche and making frequent posts. Discuss with other experts online and attach your website to your signature line to increase visits and clicks.

Continue to update your knowledge about your chosen niche, so you can adequately answer questions and be regarded as an expert in your field. And of course, know all the details about the affiliate products you're promoting.

There are so many places on the Internet where you can effectively lead your target market and keep it for good. Exchange links with other website owners in your niche to boost your marketing campaign. You may also contact other sites related to your field and ask them if you could post an ad in their site for a certain fee. If their site has a high search engine ranking or is an established site, but it is not monetized properly, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to get some lucrative web space! Ask them if they are willing to sell their site to you. They will probably agree if you present a good offer.

Using these strategies can help you move a step ahead of the competition. Knowledge about best and tested ways of promoting your affiliates' products to consumers, in a way that will compel them to buy or avail of the products/services, will help boost your earnings.

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