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Affiliate Marketing: Being Practical with Affiliate Marketing

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Author: Michael H. Stevens

You should not count on making full time income unless you can get very good at building a website that converts traffic into dollars.

First, you should understand how to capitalize on search engine optimization. SEO helps to expose your site through the search engines so that more people will be able to find it. You will need a lot of traffic, as only 1 in 125 will actually purchase from you.

In addition, there will be trail and error when trying to pick the right merchants and products, and determining the appropriate ways to promote each of them.

Many people assume that affiliate marketing is actually a get rich quick type of venture. You can not just throw up a couple of banners, and then start wondering why you never make any money. How long you will need to follow your system depends on how much money you want to make.

The first few months can be challenging. If you check your statistics and notice that you are only making a couple of dollars, you will probably start wondering if all the hard work was worth it. If you get some sales going and stay committed with your analysis and hard work, the commissions should start growing.

Try not to get discouraged when a considerable amount of traffic passes through your website, but only a fraction of that traffic actually become buyers. That is part of the learning process; you have to learn to convert a larger percentage of that traffic into sales. The good thing is that you are getting traffic to your site. It is only a matter of time before you learn to convert this traffic into dollars and cents.

The key here is knowing your visitors and then being able to determine which affiliate programs you can offer to meet their needs. There is also the concept of pre-sale, which is the ability to put your visitors in the required open and receptive frame of mind that is required for them to actually respond favorably to what you are selling.

In staying through the tough times with affiliate marketing, you will learn more and more. You do not expect to get rich overnight, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. By putting the time and effort into your programs, you will be well on your way to making affiliate marketing exciting and very profitable.

About the author: Michael H. Stevens is an expert internet marketer who shows MLMers how to find new sources of leads, traffic, and sales to build a 6-figure monthly income using the most cutting edge Network Marketing Strategies.

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