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A Qualified Human Resource MBA the Prime Need in Any Organization

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Author: Roger Pointing

It is not a new but known fact that MBA has emerged as a top-notch career option in recent times and will be pulling a pool of career aspirants for years to come. There is an array of streams for specialization in MBA program. The majority of students prefer to specialize in system management, finance management, marketing management etc. There is a skyrocketing demand for the qualified professionals in those arenas. Some are showing affinity towards pursuing MBA in the field of human resource management. It may be rightly assumed that human resource MBA program is going to become one of the top-tier career options to the management students.

Human resource management is still in very nascent stage in developing countries. Employers are yet to be convinced about the significant role of a human resource MBA professional in handling the manpower and workforce. Though in big organizations, there is a separate human resource division where qualified human resource MBA personnel are recruited, small companies feel no dire need of having such a separate post.

It is often argued and to a large extent it is also true that in capitalist economy, labor exploitation is not a new phenomenon. Many may criticize that engaging a professional with human resource MBA in private companies is nothing but a gimmick on part of the employers. They take much care of the loaves and fishes of the employers and pay little heed to the demands of the workers.

The role of a qualified human resource MBA professional encompasses a horde of aspects. The person has to thrash out the non-competent applicants and recruit the most eligible ones, manage wage-related problems, implement perks for the labors, arranging recreational facilities as colorful and refreshing distractions, solve any labor related dispute and obviously encourage them to extract their potentialities for the sake of their promotion and prosperity of the companies. Evidently, it is really a tough job and a dignified personality with a human resource MBA degree is capable of accomplishing so many tasks simultaneously.

It should be worth putting in this context that healthy body and mind of labors are very much imperative to progress of an organization. It is an onerous responsibility of the employers to keep their labors in fine fettle all the time. A human resource MBA professional should possess the competence to address the accumulated grievances of the labors and dig out proper solutions. That ensures an unhindered march for an organization.

Top up degree programs have been introduced in some countries to top-up the diploma programs to make it equivalent with the degree programs. Top-up degree is very much in demand for those who want to pursue higher studies but face the obstacle of not having a graduate degree under their belts.

About the author: Roger Pointing is doing his human resource MBA course from a UK university. For information on distance learning course please visit

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