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A Men’s Guide For Buying Sexy Ladies Nightwear As A Gift

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Author: Amanda Cotterill

Valentine's Day brings thoughts of romantic ladies nightwear. Yet many men are unsure and confused about the varying styles that are available. Nonetheless, nightwear is relatively easy to purchase as a gift, as the sizing is much less complicated than with many lingerie items. Provided here is a men's guide to ladies nightwear.


A nightgown is probably the most traditional of all ladies nightwear. The nightgown is available in many forms, from ankle length to mid-thigh or above. Flannel is a traditional warm fabric for cold winter nights, but is not often considered romantic or sexy. Silk and satin are luxurious and romantic nightgown fabrics, while more risqué options include lace, mesh and even sheer fabrics. A short, sleek nightgown is often called a negligee or baby doll.


A chemise is a short, body-skimming garment that can be used as both ladies nightwear and an alternative to a bra or slip. Chemises are often silk lingerie items, although there are other fabric options as well. The chemise is both sexy and comfortable, making it an excellent and very versatile option.


Although pyjamas are often thought of a men's alternative, ladies nightwear has grown to include feminized versions of pyjamas. Ladies pyjama styles are generally cute and flirty as opposed to outright sexy, but offer the woman a comfortable and stylish alternative for lounging at home on days off. Consider silk lingerie styles such as soft pants matched with a silk tank top.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are a cute, comfortable and sexy alternative to traditional panties. Many women love to sleep in boy shorts paired with a tank top or soft camisole top. Look for cute styles featuring fun patterns or slogans. This is a great option for sporty women who may not enjoy the fussy look of a nightgown or silk pyjama set.

Robes and Accessories

In order to truly complete a ladies nightwear gift, consider adding a robe or other accessory. Ladies' robes are available in a wide range of styles, making it easy to find the perfect choice. A full-length robe is an excellent choice to provide coverage over a sexy nightwear option. If there are others living in the home, the full-length robe may be the best choice. If modesty is not a concern, consider a very short robe in silk or satin. To further enhance a sexy nightwear selection, look for a matching robe in a sheer fabric.

Other accessories vary dramatically. Perhaps a pair of high-heeled bedroom slippers would be a great choice. A pair of thigh high stockings would enhance a sexy ladies nightwear choice. Use your imagination when shopping for accessories, looking for those items that best compliment the nightwear that you have chosen.

Ladies nightwear is an excellent choice for men looking for a romantic Valentine's Day gift. It is easy to choose the correct size, while the range of options ensures that it is easy to find just the right outfit. Make sure to allow time to find accessories, creating the perfect complete outfit.

About the author: Amanda Cotterill has been involved in the erotic lingerie uk market for many years. This article outlines the benefits of women wearing nightwear of the type shown on Please include this credit if you use this article.

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