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A Hot and New Solution for Dating Fears

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Author: Alex Mugume

With the current high divorce rate and millions of people in jail for domestic violence, many singles are afraid to commit their love. Many of these singles have been wounded. However, a recent study is revealing that it is the ability to face this pre-marital fear that separates the successfully married from the unhappy and failed marriages.

You can overcome these dating fears if you take these important steps before committing your heart to him/her:

• Become fully knowledgeable on how to make lifetime winning decisions, and

• Work on yourself.

So, what are the fears faced in today's dating world? More than 300 interviewed Single adults said they feared these possible endings:

a) Fear of opening up your private life to someone else to scrutinize and evaluate, with the likelihood of being rejected by the woman or man you admire most.

b) Fear that you may not find your ideal lifetime lover to share your passion and destiny with.

c) Fear that you could choose an inferior partner who may not reciprocate your passion and devotion to the same degree of delightful care and value.

d) Fear that his/her true image will emerge after the wedding day, and that you may not like what you see then; the hidden impostor, the pretender, and the unpleasant baggage.

e) Fear that your marriage could end up as "for-worse" instead of "for-better" and that you may not end up as you are dreaming.

f) Fear of losing your total independence, being answerable to someone else, and adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate his/her needs and wishes.

g) Fear of being in an abusive relationship with an immature and control freak as a wife or husband.

h) Fear of making relationship mistakes and being alone again, like someone you know who even after repeated failure could not keep a spouse for long.

i) Fear of marrying a loser, and the future challenge of having to go back into the dating world to choose again.

j) Lastly but most important, is overcoming the fear to exert confidence and ask all the essential deal breaking questions you need to know, no matter how uncomfortable it feels in the initial dates.

These fears are real, and the best advice from the experienced people is to face it now before time runs out on you. Time runs fast. Before you know it, you will be 18 years, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, Oops… 70, 75, and you have missed out on the joy of a fulfilling love relationship. You do not waste time trying to figure it out. You do not want to kick yourself in the future, regretting why you did not read the 10 Steps to Success in Love and Marriage. You better believe it; marriage is all predictable. You can overcome these fears if you can have the guts to take these important first steps:

1. You must become fully knowledgeable of the essential dating facts you need in order to build a rock solid foundation for your marital success. Guessing does not work very well in creating the future you want! This is a skill. There are procedural rules and guidelines of choosing a true wife or true husband. The answers you've always wanted to know are all in writing to help you to build a joyful family, and save you time and cost of a mismatch /wrong marital decision.

If you are one who desires to date with confidence, then you will be pleased to learn how to use these two new powerful decision-making tools. These tools help you to manage the inherent risks and uncertainties in the process of choosing the right husband or wife. These new decision-making tools are: - the Smart Lover's Exit Strategy Flow Chart, and the 10-Step Smart Lover's Model. You cannot manage and eliminate the risks in dating by depending on your memory alone. These tools communicate to you the red flag links, alert you of the bigger picture, and save you from making costly marital mistakes.

More good news: These decision-making tools will save US taxpayers over $20 billion per year, which is currently being spent on treating millions of domestic violence injuries, catering for the millions of men and women in jail, and the related costs of closing each of these preventable cases. The 10 Step Smart Lovers Model is the one tool we need in our society (today) to eliminate the problems of the future. The best news: Everyone will be a winner (especially the children who would love to have both Mum and Dad at home), with more joyful families and joyful communities. The author is guaranteeing instant results to include, less drug users, less violence at home, less child abuse, less school drop-outs, less cross-country visitations, less congestion in divorce courts, better parenting, more beaming people, and a better quality of life for all in your communities.

This much-needed wisdom is detailed in a #1 How-To workbook titled, "10 Steps to Success in Love and Marriage, Self-Help Secrets for the Smart Lover" by Alex Mugume. Choosing and keeping a husband or wife is an important decision, and it is smarter to utilize these new decision-making tools, than to keep relying on 50/50 guesses with time-wasting cohabitation arrangements to confirm whether you are compatible or not. These decision-making tools empower you to eliminate unpleasant future surprises like divorce, domestic violence, and/or an empty shell marriage. These tools keep you ahead of the game.

2. And working on yourself starts with you doing the preparatory work to enable you to make informed decisions to secure your family's peace of mind. This requires you to improve yourself, and mature emotionally in order to be the best lover you would ever wish for your dreamed spouse. Marriage is all predictable, and this #1 How-To workbook brings it all into focus for you. The 10 Steps to Success in Love and Marriage will teach you how to be in total control, and guide you step by step in creating your desired marital destiny.

Now is your time to taste the difference between decisions based on sound knowledge, and decisions based on a 50/50 guess. Now is the time to learn the hard-won wisdom in the "10 Steps to Success in Love and Marriage", and "How to Choose Your True Lifetime Lover", available in most good public libraries and online at,

This book makes a memorable gift for the successful singles, and the young couples who appreciate peace of mind, and desire to build a rich and fulfilling love relationship. Without a doubt, this book will be readily used and appreciated.

About the author:

Alex Mugume is a highly regarded love teacher and author of 3 useful relationship books you need to build and protect your family. Find out what Alex is up to at,

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