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A Freebie - How To Make Money In Here

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Author: Chuck Baird

How many times have you seen a "Free e Book, Free CD, Free Video" offer? It will show you how to do whatever, - and they will give it to you FREE! Yeah, I know, you see it with just about every offer on the Internet.

Primarily the reason most of the e Books, CD's, video's that are being given away is as follows: they want your name and email address. That is right, they want you to sign up so they can build their list.

It is, whether you like it or not, just a sales tool. Although they are giving you the e Book, the video, or the CD, you aren't getting it for nothing. Or are you?

Many of us (yes, including me) would love to escape our dull daily life and be free of it all. To build a business that can pay thousands or at least hundreds of dollars a day so we can live the life we dream about. The fast cars, the beach house, the personal and financial freedom that so few do achieve.

I know this sounds like it's not possible from my point of view, and that is not what I mean. It most certainly is all possible, and this "Free Gift" in exchange for your address and name has been one of the most successful ways to achieve it.

Are you making any money selling? Have you made any successful inroads yet? If your answers are not yes, you need to find out why not, and soon.

This "List" we all hear so much about. You may want to pooh pooh that as Internet BS, but it isn't. So are you keeping track of your sales, and if so,how? You using auto responder, a rotator, or a tracker? Even know what they are?

So you make a sale, GREAT! You have made that money, Now what? Can you get in touch with them again? Do you have something similar to what you sold that maybe they would want to purchase also? So how can you contact them again?

That is what makes the successful marketers in here, well...successful! They are constantly collecting information for future use. And with the things that appear on the web daily, why shouldn't they?

After you have found that precious customer, why not stay in touch with them? They have trusted you once, what makes you think they won't again? Make them your customer and be good to them, that's all they want. They could be one for life if you let them know you care.

Will all of them do that, of course not. But if you are in this for the long haul, you can build up a list over time that is really good for both you and your business, AND YOUR CUSTOMERS!

It's a natural thing to do business with people you like and trust. Can't that person be YOU? They are looking for you, and you should help them find you in every way you can.

Guess what? I am going to offer you the same deal in this article. Go to my website or Blog, the offer is in both, and sign up for my e Book. Yes, you will have to give me your first name and email address, sorry. (I have a list to build also.)

It won't cost you anything except the information. However, this little book has some great info and after all - IT IS FREE. But I will say that you can contact me from either place, (site or Blog), you can contact me anytime and we will talk about whatever you want regarding on line business

About the author: Chuck has a Blog located at C & S Enterprises - Blog.

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