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A Fall Wedding For Jennifer Anniston And Vince Vaughn?

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Author: Wesley Berry, AAF

After more than a year of neither publicly affirming nor denying their romantic relationship, Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn are finally engaged. On June 27th Vaughn proposed to Anniston miles above the earth in a plane flight home from their nine-day vacation in Mexico. Although we florists recommend a proposal complete with a beautiful bouquet of roses, happily the outcome was a good one for Vaughn, even without roses-Anniston said yes. The question now is whether or not the couple will draw out their engagement without details leaking to the press, or will they move quickly and throw a fall wedding?

Summer is still the most common season for weddings, but the number of fall and winter weddings is on the rise. As reported by the Society of American Florists, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, June is still the most common month for weddings, followed by July, August, and September. However, October is running very closely behind September as a popular wedding month. September's statistics show 8.9 weddings per 1000 people while October is at a very close 8.5 weddings.

If Vaughn and Anniston should decide to get married in the fall, they'll have lots of gorgeous flowers and floral accessories to choose from. The fall color palate includes rich reds, robust oranges, warm golds, and deep burgundies, wines, and hunter greens. Such gorgeous colors are the perfect compliment to the colorful show nature puts on in the fall. Flowers and accents that are often used in fall weddings are orange gerberas, hydrangeas in rust or burgundy, apricot-colored lilies, vines, and hypericum berries.

Of course, traditional roses are also an excellent option, but those within the fall color palate are preferable for an autumn wedding. Some good fall-colored rose choices include:

* Leonidas: A dark, bi-colored chocolaty brown rose. * Black Magic: The darkest of the burgundy roses. * Terra Cotta: The rich orange color of a flowerpot. * Hocus Pocus: Small burgundy roses with playful yellow spots. * Star 2000: A dark coral-orange rose. * Red Berlin: A bright, tomato red rose. * Konfetti: A yellow rose with a reddish-orange tint on the edges. * Sari: A rose with a golden-orange color. * Mambo: A bright tangerine colored rose.

Regardless of the season Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn choose to be married in, there's no doubt that with the help of a professional and skilled florist, their wedding flowers will be as beautiful as the bride.

About the author: Wesley Berry is member of the American Academy of Floriculture (AAF) and President of Wesley Berry Flowers (, a successful multi-million dollar floral business that was established in 1946. He also works with to provide useful information about funeral homes across the nation. He has been recognized by florists nationwide ( as a leader in the flower business. Visit Wesley Berry Flowers on the web at:

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