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5 Ways Publishing Content Produces Residual Traffic

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Author: TJ Philpott

Publishing content is noted for it effectiveness at creating not only additional exposure but also credibility for the author. The key to this online marketing strategy is that what you publish MUST contained some sort of useful information for the target audience. If what you circulate is of little interest or use to readers then you are wasting your time and energy.

Another benefit of using content in this manner is the 'long term' potential it offers in regards to traffic generation. Any information you distribute online can circulate the internet for quite some time provided of course it serves a use or has value for others.

Here are 5 examples of how your content distribution efforts can continue to pay 'dividends' by generating traffic long after being published.

Article Submissions

Article marketing is a very popular and effective means of content distribution for the purpose of generating traffic online.

When any article submitted contains quality and timeless content it can continue to be circulated around on the internet for quite some time. As long as people show an interest in using the article for their own sites or reading the information contained within it will be kept 'alive' online.

Website Content

Websites always have a need for useful information that is relevant to their purpose and if this information is effective it will remain on the site. There are plenty of sites online that utilize the same information for years due to it effectiveness.

Information Products

Good information is timeless and invaluable and by packaging it into some sort of product it is now easy to save and share with others online. Like a good book you do not want to discard it but rather reference it from time to time as need be.

Blog Post

Posting on a blog is the best way to attract traffic to the site. If the post contains useful information it will attract many other viewers simply by referrals. Keeping this post in the archives allows people access to it for as long as the site owner chooses. If the post is popular enough others will use it on their sites as well.

Free Viral Giveaways

Viral advertising is a popular and effective online marketing strategy that allows you to circulate information indefinitely online. Used as a free giveaway in the form of a report or ebook it is ideally passed around which keeps it 'alive' while further increasing your exposure.

Publishing content may involve a little effort but it does offer some deep rooted and potentially long term benefits. This online marketing strategy involves the circulation of useful information which helps to build the exposure and credibility of the author. Another significant benefit of content distribution is your 'one time efforts' can continue to generate traffic for quite some time. This of course depends upon the level of quality the work you publish contains. The 5 examples above demonstrate how a single piece of content can continue to work for you by remaining in circulation online. Hopefully this serves as further encouragement that this online marketing strategy can be more than worth the efforts you may invest.

About the author: TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

For more tips about the benefits of publishing content online and to receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques visit:

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