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5 Money Generators in Internet MLM

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Author: Lickhau Loo

1-Money Generates Money

There is no FREE lunch out there. If some one tells you that you do not need any money to make a profit, you better think twice. Any business is an investment, any investment cost money. Any business needs advertising, any advertising cost money. Advertisements generate leads, leads produce money. There are ways to promote the business without putting any advertising budget but it takes time. Time is MONEY. Any businesses out there need to have advertising budget to attract customers. There is no different in Internet MLM business.

2- Hard Work Generates Money

Internet marketing is not about overnight success. It is a real business that needs substantial degree of hard work to become successful. Anyone who has a job know that in order to get the pay check, you have to put in certain amount of time. The concept is the same in Internet MLM. The only difference is you are actually building your own business instead of building people's business. That is the reason why the pay check is fixed on your pay job while the pay check has huge variability on your Internet MLM business.

3- Knowledge Generates Money

Everyone gets pay for their knowledge. You, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Pierre Omidyar, Sam Walton and Warren Buffet get paid because of the knowledge. What is the different between you, Bill Gates and those billionaires? You probably know the answer by now. The point that I really want to make here is challenge you to learn more in order to earn more. Please refer to the post "Blueprinting in Internet MLM" to get more ideas of what knowledge can bring you.

4- Quality Content Generates Money

It is all about quality in any business. If your business can provide quality to customer, the greater the return, right? There is no difference in Internet MLM business as well. We have to find company that can provide great quality or value to customer, once customers see those benefits (quality), they will in turn join the program and hence generate income for you. Is that simple! This is the reason why I love GDI ( and Success University ( because both of them provide great values to me.

5- Internet Generates Money

There are about 6.5 billion people on the planet and about 1.1 billion of them use internet (Source from and the growth of internet user is growing exponentially over time. Imagine if you can share a piece of this pie, what is the return? That is the reason why we need to generate traffic into your website. Any traffic that visits you has a potential to generate income to you. 4 money generators that we discussed earlier lead to this. Prepare some budget, work hard to learn about the business and create quality content to attract traffic to your site.

A positive altitude causes a chain reaction of positive outcomes. It is a catalyst... a spark that creates extraordinary results!

About the author: Lickhau Loo is an Expert Internet Marketer. You can learn How to Make up to $2,000 a week wihout risking a penny in 3 easy steps mailto:

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