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5 Keys For Successful MLM Lead Capture Pages

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Author: Jon Roussel

An mlm lead capture page is a web page that, when the visitor "lands" on it, she is asked to opt-in to some type of list in order to proceed further. On some mlm lead capture pages, your only options are to opt-in or leave.

Internet marketers make list building their top priority. When you effectivelycollect the email address, along with permission to follow-up,then you will get other opportunities to make the sale later.

An mlm lead capture page, generally, has some attractive bullets on it, and does a thorough job of explaining what the reader will be able to access after she enters her data. The enticing offer on the mlm lead capture page, should have the visitor salivating to get at what's behind that "door," is essential.

The mlm lead capture page can be hosted anywhere but it needs to have at least one thing on it to be effective... a way to capture a person's email address.

If you set up an incentive-laden mlm lead capture web page (by incentive I mean a contest or freebie for providing their email address) that has a short tag line about your product or service combined with a 2 line form consisting of name and email address you have a simple yet incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Your only real job becomes promoting your mlm lead capture pages. One critical toll is an autoresponder system that once set up requires little or no maintenance on your part.

Now when a person sees your incentive laden lead capture page on a they can quickly scan your opportunity and provide a minimum of information (nobody likes filling in forms, especially when they only have 15 seconds to decide on your offer).

Freebies work well, free downloads, contests, giveaways. People like free stuff and this gives you a nice way to build up credibility with your customer.

To take this a step further you can track your campaigns by replacing the URL for your product with an Ad tracking URL.

Make sure you set up a different ad tracking URL for each lead capture page or email message and you can truly see how well each of your campaigns are performing in real time.

Once you gather the guests' data you have the ability to create an online business relationship with them.

Once a visitor enters the form on your mlm lead capture page it should be made clear that you will be including them in an email record where they may get priceless data and resources. Email lists work effectively when used accurately because they provide the reader the repetition of viewing your business name, which can produce a great brand name for you. You may easily do this by providing your list users with good resources, helpful data, and even concessions and sales just for them making for effective mlm lead capture pages.

About the author: Jon Roussel is a successful internet marketer in Beverly, MA He helps people succeed with a home based business that will generate a long term reliable leveraged residual income. Learn more at

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