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4 Ways To Increase Your Company's Sales

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Author: Marc Entz

When faced with diminishing sales or a shift in profitability, sometimes a company will seek opportunities to expand sales by using different marketing methods. These time-tested marketing principles are used by businesses to seek out new opportunities to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

There are 4 ways to increase sales and expand revenue for your company. It is not necessary to use more than one of these methods. The best choice of the 4 methods is the one that will meet the needs of the company and the consumer best. This will provide a win-win situation for all concerned.

To increase sales consider one of the following methods for seeking opportunities in your target market:

1. Market Penetration:

Increase the market share of your current products in your present market. By up scaling your marketing mix you can increase your sales. To do this you advertise your present products more frequently and promote your company's image to the public through institutional advertising and publicity.

2. Market Development

You can also try to sell your present products in new markets. You have to do some market research on the needs of the consumers in these markets first. Your product may have other demographic groups that need it as well. This is a recommended area to investigate for more profit. Often your present products are in demand in other locations, with other age groups, or professional groups. This is an opportunity for more sales many companies look for.

3. Product development

You can increase your sales by offering new and improved products to your present market. This will give you an edge over your competition. Your customers will view your company as being progressive and up to date. This is not only a great way to increase sales, but your customers will remember your company because of the unique product you sell.

4. Diversification

If you are well established in one line of business, you may wish to diversify into a totally new one. This means moving into a new market with a new product. This can keep your profits on the rise. Here again, market research and marketing plans have to be made first.

As you can see there are opportunities for gaining sales in all four areas. The best choice for your business depends on your goals and the resources you have. The best way to capitalize on these strategies is to start with your present strengths and look for market opportunities that complement them. Then do your market research and planning. The sky is the limit when you plan ahead using these proven marketing tactics.

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