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3 Ways to Help Getting My Ex Back

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Author: Teecee Go

You've heard of the phrase, "flashes before your eyes." It's usually experienced when a person has a near death experience. The same can hold true for a relationship that just ended: You see all the good times you had and can't imagine why she would have left you. You're left heartbroken you want to get her back to prove to her you are what she wants and needs.

However, there are a few steps you should consider taking before jumping on the wagon straight back to your ex.

Take some time to be single again. Though logic says that the best way to keep a hold of someone is to keep in touch, logic doesn't fit with emotions. Cutting off communication is therapeutic for both of you. You get to practice control and get time to think and she'll get to realize how big a part you played in her life. You can start planning how you're going to get her back, how you're going to keep her and she gets to think about how she really felt about you.

Keep up your appearance. Imagine if the roles were reversed and you broke up with your girlfriend then saw her walking the streets in sweats stained with pizza and ice cream. How would that make you feel? It's likely, if she were to see you after she broke things off with you, she's not going to appreciate seeing a broken down mess. The only emotion she'd likely feel towards you is sympathy and sorrow. She's not going to want to return to a blob.

Remember your friends and family. Basically these people are your support group and are the people that still care about you. These are the ones that will make you happy. They can help you laugh when you're down. Laughter is great medicine for the broken heart. Having a social life is good for you because it keeps you distracted, helps you keep up appearances and makes her see how well you're doing…should she run across you while you're out with friends. All benefits for getting your ex back.

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