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3 Minute Speed Dating Does It Work?

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Author: Michiel Van Kets

There are millions of people in the world, so why is it so difficult to meet someone we would consider dating? There are various ways you can try and meet your life partner, and there are those who have tried everything, from registering with a dating agency or joining a chat room online, to blind dates and speed dating events.

Speed dating is an interesting concept and events are often full, so it's obviously successful. Once you arrive at the venue the organizer checks you in and presents you with a badge with your own unique number printed on it, then you have time to chill out for a while until the welcome speech and a few basic instructions on how the evening will proceed. Generally, the girls remain at the same table, and when the timer goes the men say their goodbyes and move on to the next table. This goes on until you have had time to chat with everyone. How long you sit with each person, and how many people are at the event depends entirely on the organizer.

Speed dating attracts all kinds of people, unemployed, lonely, business people and self-employed. Lots of professionals use this method to meet partners as their schedules are often too busy to allow them to be out at bars and clubs every night. Speed dating makes it much easier as it's all organized for you and you just have to turn up and there's a roomful of attractive singles at your disposal! Everyone at speed dating events are looking for the same things as you are, someone sociable who they like enough to want to spend time with.

3 minutes is just long enough to know if you are interested in someone. There doesn't always have to be an instant attraction, you may talk for a while and then realize they have a good sense of humour, or are interesting to talk to. Ticking the 'date' box on your score card means you can get to know them better and, who knows, even if you just end up as friends you'll then get to meet their friends and the bigger your social circle becomes the more likely you are to meet the love of your life!

You have to put some effort into the evening, you can't just turn up in your creased work clothes, or scruffy jeans and trainers and expect people to be swooning at your feet! The purpose of the evening is to show the other daters that you are a person worth getting to know, and this includes looks, appearance and personality. You are there to impress so make an effort, wear something smart and clean up.

Generally those who decide to go to a speed dating event are open to change and new exciting experiences. Even if you don't meet anyone special on the first night, don't give up. Just have fun making new friends and you never know who will be at the next meeting, many of us fall in love when we are least expecting it.

With so many possible partners to chat to, speed dating has a much higher rate of success than the traditional methods of dating. If you're still not sure, talk to your friends and see what they think, they may even offer to come with you. Look online and you'll find hundreds of sites catering to these kinds of events, it could be the only chance you get to meet a roomful of interesting and colourful characters with an open attitude to falling in love.

Whatever you want to call it, speed dating, singles parties, or singles events, it is definitely the fastest and most enjoyable method of meeting smart, intelligent and friendly singles. Speed dating UK events are available in every city; check it out for a fun and unique experience.

About the author: Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Ditch or Date, a speed dating UK provider who organises wildly popular speed dating events across major cities. Everyone is talking about speed dating. Join now and start to have fun or to find that someone special.

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