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12 Holiday Favorites That Fatten Your Waistline

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Author: Donna Monday

It's once again holiday season and like all good holidays, there's plenty of tasty food being served with loads of calories and fat. The most fattening foods are often our favorites to eat during this special time of year. If you're watching your diet, you'll have to do a little research on how much fat is in certain types of foods, then plan a strategy for how you're going to eat as healthy as possible, while limiting your fat intake.

To get you started, here's a list of 12 of the most fattening foods commonly served at holiday parties and dinners:

Almond Kulfi (Indian Desert): 363 Calories, 21 grams fat

Apple Pie: 552 Calories, 25.6 grams fat

Cheeseball: 421 Calories, 39 grams fat

Christmas Pudding: 344 Calories, 18.4 grams fat

Churros Con Chocolate (Spanish Desert): 553 Calories, 54.3 grams fat

Creamed Corn: 330 Calories, 27.5 grams fat

Eggnog: 335 Calories, 20.9 grams fat

Jule Kake (Norwegian): 519 Calories, 18 grams fat

Melkkos (South African): 682 Calories, 29.6 grams fat

Potato Latkes: 319 Calories, 18 grams fat

Roast Goose: 789 Calories, 51.7 grams fat

Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows: 419 Calories, 13.7 grams fat

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