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10 Powerful Self Hypnosis Tips

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Author: Ronnie Wayne

It is simply fascinating to discover just how powerful self hypnosis can be. Those who have experienced the wonders of self hypnosis will be amazed to discover that this powerful and effective tool to reprogram your mind into more effective patterns of behavior. Here are 10 powerful self hypnosis tips you can use to accelerate the success rate you can get from your self hypnosis sessions.

Tip #1: Consent

You need to know that in order for self hypnosis to work, you need to give full consent and cooperate with your hypnotherapy. No one can ever make you do anything that you don't want to do.

If you have ever seen stage hypnosis performed, you may have seen fascinating feats of being able to control others to do seemingly impossible or ridiculous tasks. This is mostly theatrics and does not represent what hypnosis can do for you.

Tip #2: Different Reactions

Different people react differently to suggestions from hypnotherapist. There are situations most conducive to different patients and a good hypnotherapist would take the extra mile to decipher the clues and create situations that would work best for each individual client. Some patients need to feel comfortable with the therapist in order for a session to be effective. Others may prefer to be in a comfy, relaxed dream-like state before a session can be effective.

Tip #3: Trust

Trust is a very important factor when trying to gain substantial improvement from each session. If you are finding it hard to place trust on another person, then using self hypnosis CD's and MP3's might work for you. If you have a high level of trust in the hypnotherapist, then a guided session with a trained professional may be best for you.

Tip #4: Music

Music plays a rather interesting role in a self hypnosis session. The use of the right music can put you in the right state of mind to gain access to the inner recesses of your mind and unleash latent powers that lie dormant deep with your brain.

Tip #5: Brainwave

If you are aware of the latest development in cognitive and brain science, you may be aware of the role brainwave stimulation technology plays in getting a person into the right frame of mind. Research shows that the brain is very receptive suggestions in low frequency brainwave such as the alpha stage. This is the dreamlike state, where one floats between the realms of awareness and unconsciousness.

Tip#6: Emotions

Emotions play a vital role in the success of self hypnosis therapy. It is very important to associate good feelings to every self hypnosis session so that you will put yourself in a receptive state to accept changes that are happening. Remove any feelings of doubt and anxiety, and you would find that your self hypnosis session to be more fruitful and rewarding.

Tip #7: Clothing

Do not dress in tight corset that hugs your figure to reveal that sexy shape of you are a lady, it impairs your ability to relax and breathe normally. For the men, go for relaxed clothing and forget about that brand new tie as well. You can wear that to the next casual gathering. A session with your hypnotherapist should be a totally relaxed session and loose soft fluid clothing should be perfect.

Tip #8: Feedback

It is good to be aware of the results you are getting in order to make the necessary adjustments. Just keep a record of your progress and take time to analyze what is working and what is not.

Tip#9: Reward

You can choose to reward yourself every time you see a significant change from your self-hypnosis session. This definitely trains your brain to associate good feelings to your self hypnosis effort which would in turn makes you crave for more of that rewards AND the self hypnosis session too.

Tip#10: Gratitude

Living with an attitude of gratitude is imperative to enable one to reap the best life has to offer and to be aware of the abundance within you and around you. Be grateful that you are presented with the ability to improve the quality of the life you live through these helpful self-hypnosis sessions.

Self hypnosis is indeed a powerful tool you can use to enhance your quality of life, if you are willing to pay the price to make this work for you. If you follow the ten tips we share, you will find each session to be more rewarding and more fun than ever before.

About the author: Self Hypnosis has become popular and very powerful tool you can use for changing your mind and your life by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind.

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